ChemCon Europe | 2008 - Rome

ChemCon Europe 2008 - Rome

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ChemCon 2008 took place in Rome, Italy from June 9th -13th. More than 260 experts attended the ChemCon 2008 conference and exhibition representing more than 170 different companies, authorities and international organizations from 26 countries.

After the in-depth pre-conference seminar on representatives within the REACH context the conference started with another major topic GHS by Mrs Uta Jensen-Korte from the European Commission. She presented and discussed the state of play of GHS implementation into EU Community legislation. Besides these topics, other aspects of international chemical control around the globe were discussed in the conference sessions and Q&A’s covering current and emerging legislation on reporting and testing of new chemicals, chemical inventories, evaluation of existing chemicals, classification and labelling, risk management, hazard communication and product registration.

Many countries from Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas were spotlighted in detail and quite a number of horizontal topics with a global or regional relevance were covered, e.g. REACH, GHS, etc.

  • USA/Canada/Mexico - update on their new initiative to accelerate and strengthen their national and regional risk-based chemical assessment and management efforts; Jim Gulliford, US EPA
  • Japan Article Management Promotion Coalition; Misao Shiba, Sumitomo 3M
  • First experiences from ECHA with Pre-registration, etc.;
    Christel Musset, ECHA
  • Other topics covered:
    • Chemical control system in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia...;
    • US Toxic Substances Control Act;
    • Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and its New Substances Notification Regulations (NSNR);
    • Chemical control in Australia and New Zealand and recent developments in chemical control in Japan and Korea;
    • The globally harmonised system on classification and labelling and the upcoming European system on REACH;
Countries covered

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, PR China, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam...

  • 3E Company
  • Austrian Research Centers
  • Ciba Expert Services
  • eurofins
  • EuroREACHout
  • NCEC
  • RCC/SafePharm
  • Laboratories
  • Royal Haskoning
  • RTC
  • Research Toxicology Center S.p.A.
  • Technidata AG/SAP AG
  • The WERCS, Ltd.
  • TNO