ChemCon Europe | 2002 - Basel

ChemCon Europe 2002 - Basel

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ChemCon 2002 took place in Basel, Switzerland, from June 3rd to 7th 2002. More than 310 experts attended the 2002 conference and exhibition representing more than 200 companies, authorities and international organizations from over 32 countries. In the conference sessions, seminars and round table talks aspects of international chemical control around the globe were discussed with a focus on current and emerging legislation on reporting and testing of new chemicals, chemical inventories, evaluation of existing chemicals, classification and labelling, risk management, hazard communication and product registration. About 50 countries from Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas were spotlighted in detail and a lot of horizontal topics with a global or regional relevance were covered.

  • New Chemicals Policy; Rob Donkers, European Commission DG ENV
  • The "White Paper's" approach and its consequences for the chemical world; Reinhard Schulte-Braucks, European Commission DG ENT
  • New chemicals policy - expectations as to information needs and feasibility; Rüdiger Bias, BASF AG
  • Innovation and notification of new substances in the light of the "White Paper"; Craig Barker, CIBA SC
  • Brazil's approach to chemical legislation; Marta Maria ranco Laudares, ABIQUIM Brazil
  • Hazard communication tools; Marja Kops Werkhoven, Kodak Polychrome Graphics
  • Other topics covered: Biocides; Chemicals management in the China Region; US TSCA; Harmonised system of classification and labelling; Integrated Product Policy; Integrated Product Management; Low Volume Restrictions; Mutual Acceptance of Notification; OECD; PIC; POP’s; Chemical Weapons; Risk Communication; Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue; HPV Initiatives; Substance and Product related Marketing Restrictions in the EU; Property Rights; Sound Management of Chemicals in Developing Countries;...
Countries covered

Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Latin American Countries, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania, PR China, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam...

  • ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH
  • Ariel Research Corporation
  • ClearCross
  • DoCOUNT GmbH
  • RCC Ltd.
  • Environment Book Inc.
  • Safepharm Laboratories
  • The Bivings Group
  • The Wercs, Ltd.